Wendy Garret is Van's first companion on his quest to seek the claw. Though sometimes she seems childish, she has been proven to be hard-headed and sometimes brave.

Character HistoryEdit

Wendy and her brother Micheal lost their parents at an early age. When growing up Wendy was raised and protected mainly by Micheal. Wendy is first seen in the episode Tuxedo Blowing in the Wind. A native of Evergreen, she is saved by Van and leaves the town with him in search of her brother, who had been kidnapped by the clawed man. Wendy carries her brother's revolver on her back. As she travels alongside Van she slowly matures. Wendy hates to being called or treated as a child. Something which Carmen likes to use to peave her. She is shown to be an especially caring individual. She often attempts to care for Van when he is sick, even if it means putting herself in danger. When Wendy was a child Micheal captured a turtle for her. She has worn it around her neck since and named it Kamayo. Is is shown in the episode Follow the X Spot, that she, like may others of her age, is not exactly secure about herself. Wendy's heart is broken when she learns that her brother has joined the clawed man willingly. She eventually has to chose between the team or Micheal and ends up shooting Micheal in the arm. At the end of the series Wendy is living back in Evergreen. Kamayo is huge now and startles Van who unknowingly stumbles into Wendy's life again.