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Gun x Sword

Gun x Sword is a 26 episode animated series. If you plan on using this wiki on a regulalr basis, please also read the Opening Announcement page. Gun x Sword tells the story of a wanderer named Van (V-aa-nn. Not the vehicle) who wanders a former prison planet turned chaotic new world called The Endless Illusion. Van is seeking the man who murdered his wife, a man with a claw. On the way, Van finds many friends who help him through his difficulties, only to find that the Claw's plans may effect the entire Endless Illusion. As well as being a source of information, I hope to turn this site into a place where people who want to post their fanfics can do so, and get constructive feedback. Any unnecesarily harsh feedback will be deleted, as will any fanfics not related to Gun x Sword. Please enjoy this wiki, and I hope to see some great fan fics too!

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